€‹...to Over The Moon Biewer Terriers of Southern California. Our family recently fell in love with this special little dog and I could not help but become involved with furthering this wonderful new breed.
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Thanks to Jennifer Wynters for the beautiful logo design!
Barry, Blanche and Busy were choosen as models for Sturdi Products at the 2012 Pet Expo in Orange County CA and now appear in their catalog!  
Many thanks to Martin of Brookwood Biewers for this beautiful boy "Sammy"
BusyBee has choosen Mary as her girl
***AKC update*** 
As of April 2014 the AKC has accepted the Biewer Terrier into its Foundation Stock Service program!  This is the first step towards full AKC recognition after  years of work by the founding BTCA members.  Don't be Misled...
Only a BTRA registration will guarantee you are getting a pure Biewer Terrier that can be registered with AKC!