...I am not a kennel, my dogs are pets and show and it is my goal to show only outstanding examples of the breed. 
With much research, I have become a member of BTCA, the #1 Premier Biewer Terrier club. The clubs sole purpose is to preserve and protect its breed but it is also responsible for the education on the standard and to see to the health and welfare of the breed. Please see the club site for full information on these goals. As someone who was  fairly new to the breed, I felt it was invaluable to have the knowledge and support of these experienced breeders behind me. 

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Mary with Finley our very first black and white "BabyMoo" We called her that as she looked like a miniature little moo cow! 
We are just "over the moon" for these dogs!

Please email me with questions at donisu59@gmail.com
Doni Cervantes
Finley, my first love!